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What is eConsult?

eConsult enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. This allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to their own GP electronically, and offers around the clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker.

eConsult is the most widely used digital triage tool in NHS primary care, built by NHS GPs for NHS patients, designed to enhance patient access, improve practice efficiencies and signpost patients to the right place at the right time for their care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the practice?

We ask all our patients to submit an eConsult for any queries or requests, including clinical, admin or appointments. eConsults are available anytime Monday to Friday.

What is an eConsult?

An eConsult is an online form which enables you to contact a GP or other health professional over the internet. It saves you waiting for an appointment or going to the GP surgery. You can tell your GP about your health using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

How do I submit an eConsult?

Go to: Consult Online from Home

From here you will be able to click on the link that best describes your request. Please choose the form that is the closest match for your condition.  If your answers to eConsult indicate it may be a more urgent matter, eConsult will direct you to call us or call 111 if we are closed.

What if I can’t do an eConsult?

An eConsult is the best way to contact us so if you are able to complete this, or have someone who can help you, then we ask you do so.

We recognise some people are not able to use the eConsult system, for example if they are visually impaired or have difficulty reading or writing. If you are unable then you can call reception who will assist you to complete an eConsult or complete an ‘eLite’ request on your behalf. They will ask you several questions to complete this fully, so please answer them in as much detail as you can. Our reception staff are fully trained to only ask relevant and necessary questions and to treat your responses with the same respect and confidentiality as a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional would.

Isn’t it quicker to just phone instead?

The eConsult forms should not take too long to complete. If every patient who can complete an eConsult does, then our phonelines will be freed up for those vulnerable people who can’t. Ultimately this means shorter waits for everyone and prevents people being in a long phone queue to speak to reception or being unable to get through at all. It also enables our reception staff to spend time on their many other tasks which contribute to the smooth running of thpractice.

Why are there so many questions on an eConsult form?

Most of the questions on eConsult will only require a yes or no response so should not take too long to answer. eConsults are designed to be a safe way to collect information. The questions will ask you important ‘red flag’ symptoms which may indicate you need to go to hospital, call 999, or call the surgery or 111 directly to discuss your symptoms. It will also ask you questions about the nature of your symptoms and duration which will help us decide the best possible course of action.  All the questions provide important information for us. What might seem an irrelevant question to you may be a key question for your doctor.

What happens after I submit an eConsult?

This practice uses a total triage system. Your eConsult will be looked at to determine which healthcare professional is most suitable to help you- for example a nurse, a practice-based pharmacist or a doctor. It will then be triaged by this healthcare professional. Triaging is important to establish the most efficient and safest way to manage a problem. Every day, GP practices receive requests for help or advice from many different patients or other healthcare professionals in hospitals or community teams. The eConsult information help the practice to sort patients based on their needs, which is why it’s so helpful when it is filled out honestly and fully.

A healthcare professional will look at your eConsult the same day if received before 5pm, or the next working day if after. For a clinical eConsult you will receive a response by the end of the next working day with either advice, a treatment or a plan for an appointment. For an admin eConsult it will be within 5 working days.

Is there any benefit to me?

Absolutely. Not only do eConsults ensure patients are seen in order of clinical need (avoiding a long wait for a potentially urgent problem) and save you time by preventing unnecessary appointments, they also give you an opportunity to state exactly what you would like from us and who you would like to see.  You don’t have to wait on a phone queue, and you can fill them out anytime Monday to Friday when it is convenient for you.

Is there any benefit to the practice?

General practice has never been under as much pressure as it is currently, and there is more demand for services than ever before. We have more patients, with more complex needs, than any other time in NHS history. We want to be able to provide high quality care to everyone who needs it and eConsults help us to provide an efficient service for thousands of patients in a safe and sustainable way.